“Gurunavi” Endowed Chair in Future Food, Tokyo Institute of Technology.
The 3rd International Symposium on Food Halalness.
– Halal as Religious Practices and Muslim-Friendly Service in Japan –

2nd Feb 2016, It’s held at Kuramae Hall, Tokyo Tech Front.

Program were as follows;

How to Welcome Muslims without Halal Certification
Dr. ARATA, Mariko (Associate Professor, “Gurunavi” Endowed Chair, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

*Part 1. Halal from Religious Perspective

=The Fundamentals of Halal –A New Approach His Eminence
Mustafa Ceri (Grand Mufti of Bosnia and Herzegovina; President of the World Bosniak Congress)

=Food and Eating from Islamic Perspective
Dr. YAGI, Kumiko (Professor. Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Graduate School)

*Part 2. Muslim Friendly Services in Japan and Muslim Consumers’ Perspective

=From Muslim Students’ Perspective
Ms. Nabila Sabrina (Graduate Student, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Dr. SAI, Yukari (Lecturer, Waseda University)

=The Art and Science of Pleasing Halal Customers in Japan
Dr. Jonathan WILSON (Programme Director, Postgraduate Marketing Suite, University of Greenwich, London, UK)

=Will Return to Basics of Halal Make Life Difficult in Japan?
Mr. Aquil Ahmed Siddiqui (President, Japan Islamic Trust)
=A Japanese Muslim’s Experience and Activities of the Japan Muslim Association
Mr. ENDO, Toshio (Executive Director, Japan Muslim Association / Chairman, the Domestic Committee for Halal)

*Part 3. Information Disclosure in Horeca Business and Tours in Japan

=Hospitality for Muslim Tourists
Mr. Mosa Hideshi Matsui (President, Miyako International Tourist Co.,Ltd; Vice president, NPO Japan Halal Association)

=Reliable Communication with Consideration of Consumer Diversity –from a Practical Study of Food Pictograms
Mr. KIKUCHI, Nobutaka (NPO*INTERNASHOKUNAL(*Specified Nonprofit Corporation))

=Key for Easing Muslim Travelers’ Concern on Food –from a Practical Study by Gurunavi Research Institute
Mr. HOMPO, Yoshiaki (Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

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